10 common rashes on kids (with photos): Symptoms and treatment

Notice a rash on your little one? Here’s help figuring out common rashes on kids and what to do about them.

Roseola infantum

Roseola infantum

The term roseola means “sudden rash.” This mild infection is triggered by two common strains of a human herpes virus: virus 6 and virus 7. After four or five days of irritability, sore throat and fever, a rash of small red or pink spots usually appears. They are generally flat, but some may be raised or have a white ring circling them and usually appear on the chest, back and abdomen.

The rash lasts anywhere from several hours to several days before fading, and isn’t itchy or uncomfortable. Call the doctor if roseola and fever lasts more than seven days, the rash doesn’t improve after three days or if you’re pregnant.


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