10 cool subscription boxes for kids

You’ve got mail! Fun, new (and educational) activities delivered right to your kids’ door each month.

By Today’s Parent November 6, 2020

young kid opening package while dad holds the box smliling

Looking for some fun new ways to entertain (and educate) your kids? These subscription boxes can be purchased one time or multiple times throughout the year and will bring toys, books, crafts and activities right to your doorstep.

1. Lovevery

flat lay of items in subscription box for toddlers

You’ve probably seen Lovevery’s beautiful, Montessori-inspired toys on Instagram and wondered if the subscription service is worth the hype. The answer is a resounding yes! Made from materials like sustainably sourced wood and organic cotton, each box’s contents are as easy on the eyes as they are educational, stimulating your little one’s curiosity with games and toys perfectly suited to their age. Baby play kits are delivered every two months and toddler packages land on your doorstep four times a year, containing a handful of toys and a handy guide with stage-based info and different ways to play. From $80 US/kit, lovevery.com

2. Rad Dish

cooking-themed subscription box for kids

Get ready to give your kids culinary lesson that includes culture, geography, history, math and science. Each kit comes with recipes, iron-on apron patches, kid-friendly kitchen tools and kitchen projects centred around a theme to get them in the kitchen and cooking dinner with you. Bonus: Table talk cards help prompt dinnertime conversation so you can move beyond the usual, “How was your day, today?” Raddish, $24 US/month (plus shipping), raddishkids.com

3. KiwiCo

STEM subscription box for kids

Inspire your mini Einsteins with a crate packed with cool projects, like making and flying a kite, building a pinball machine and creating a paint pendulum. They’ll be having so much fun they won’t even realize they’re learning! Kits focus on the four key STEM subjects with different subscriptions available for kids aged 0 to 16. KiwiCo., From $16/month (plus shipping), kiwico.com

4. Crate Joy

Canadian-themed subscription box for kids

Photo: Crate Joy

Cultivate Canadian pride early on. Designed for kids ages four to six, this box’s monthly interactive booklet and supplies (such as a Fresnel lens to do light experiments to learn about Nova Scotia’s lighthouses and balloons for an iceberg lesson) will captivate children the history, geography and culture of our country’s provinces and territories. The Great Canadian Adventure from Cratejoy. $24/month, cratejoy.com

5. Curiosity Box

Photo: CuriosityBox, curiositybox.ca

Stoke their curious nature with hands-on crafts, games and activities (such as learning about static electricity with balloons or building a 3D-puzzle gingerbread house). Boxes are offered for ages two to four, five to seven and eight plus, in themes like camping, insects and safari. Curiosity Box, from $35/month, curiositybox.ca

6. Little Passports

travel-themed subscription box for kids

Photo: Little Passports

Tiny nomads will love learning about differen places around the world each month. Tucked into a toy suitcase, kids will receive a passport, world map, adventure-inspired stickers and activity sheets that will take them on an adventure to a different country each month. Little Passports World Edition, $21 US/month (plus shipping), littlepassports.com

7. Green Kids Crafts

green crafting-themed subscription box

Photo: A Year of Boxes

What kid couldn’t use less time with a screen and more time with Mother Earth? In this monthly box, kids receive three activities to get them inspired and engaging with nature. Activities range from creating a rainforest terrarium to a crystal-growing kit. Green Kid Crafts, $19.95 US/month (plus shipping), ayearofboxes.com

8. The Sensory Toy Box

subscription box for kids of sensory toys

Photo: Sensory TheraPlay

Designed for children on the autism spectrum, each box comes with multiple tactile playthings, such as aromatherapy dough or light-up toys, which are selected to encourage engagement and develop sensory motor skills. Sensory Theraplay Box, $41 US/month (plus shipping), sensorytheraplaybox.com

9. My First Reading Club

book-themed subscription box for kids

Photo: My First Reading Club

Having trouble picking out books for your kid? This subscription does the work for you. Simply share your child’s age with the club and each month and you’ll receive three age-appropriate books to spark their imagination and creativity. My First Reading Club, from $17 US/month (plus shipping), myfirstreadingclub.com

10. Owl Crate Jr.

books and magic-themed subscription box for kids

Photo: Owl Crate Jr.

This monthly box targets kids aged 8 to 12 comes filled with a newly published novel and a selection of items connected to the theme of the month, that are designed to encourage curiosity, creativity, and imagination—a recent box featured Halloween goodies like a spooky-themed novel, stickers, sew-on patches and a magnetic bookmark. Starting at $28 US/month (plus shipping), owlcrate.com


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