22 cute and easy Halloween costumes for babies

Baby’s first Halloween involves more Instagramming than trick-or-treating. Here are easy costume ideas that are comfortable to wear and easy to DIY with items you likely have on hand.

By Mandy Milks October 1, 2020

Coming up with a new Halloween costume for yourself every year is hard enough, and now you’ve got a mini-me to dress up too. Let’s make the decision a little easier for you with these easy to make Halloween costumes for babies. We assure you the end result will be equally adorable, and more affordable!



Holy guacamole, look at that tummy! What you need: Green onesie + 2 shades of green craft felt. How-to: Draw an avocado shape on both pieces of felt and trace a circle where the tummy will be. Cut felt but trim the lighter colour a little smaller, glue together with darker green felt on bottom. Using a hot glue gun, attach to the front of the onesie, then cut out the tummy section from the onesie.

Safety first: Never leave a baby unattended in a costume, DIY or otherwise, and be mindful of overheating, choking or suffocation hazards.

We found all the felt and stuffing for our DIY costumes from The Felt Store.


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