5 easy magic tricks for kids

Hocus pocus! Here are five easy magic tricks that your kids can use to astound friends and family.

Kate Stewart January 7, 2020

It’ll Cost You

It’ll Cost You

Preparation: You’ll need a quarter, a piece of tinfoil just bigger than the quarter, and a small square of paper (big enough to fully cover the coin). Place the tinfoil over one side of the quarter and around the rim, and gently rub it to set the coin’s impression on the foil. Remove the quarter and cut off any excess foil.

Trick: Place the foil quarter in the palm of your hand and show the audience; tell them you’re going to make it disappear. Place the piece of paper over the quarter, wave your magic wand, say the magic words and remove the paper. When the audience sees that it’s still there, say you’ll try again. When it doesn’t work for the third time, apologize to the audience and crumple the paper and the foil into a tiny ball. Make sure the paper covers the foil so it looks like the quarter has been crushed.


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