Best plastic baby bottles

From innovative anti-colic designs to bottles that rethink texture and shape, we put a wide range of bottles through a battery of tests to bring you a list of the best out there. We dropped, tipped, shaken, swirled, toted and washed. And we asked our hands-on parent testers to put these bottles to the test with their little ones so we could get real-life feedback. Here are the best plastic baby bottles that made the cut to get the Today’s Parent Approved seal.

Nuk Simply Natural Bottle

Bottom line This bottle is simply designed, and the wide mouth makes it easy to prep and easy to clean

Thinkbaby baby bottles

Top benefits A focus on safe plastics, simple bottle design with only 4 pieces, bottle can transition to a sippy cup

Considerations Venting system can be a bit tricky to clean, nipples could invert and frustrate some babies, age recommendations for nipples aren’t clearly marked

Bottom line Thinkbaby bottles have a straightforward design, are mostly easy to clean, and should make parents feel more comfortable about using plastic bottles

Philips Avent Natural baby bottle

Considerations The nipples’ flow rates could be too fast for your baby, not a lot of options for colours or designs


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