Camping gear: 27 essentials for camping with kids

The arrival of summer means getting out as a family and, of course, camping! Don’t forget to bring these camping essentials with you when you brave the great outdoors with the kids.

Emily Rivas, Jessica Spera May 8, 2018

MEC Lodge 4+4 Tent

MEC Lodge 4+4 Tent

Want to stay up with the other adults, but scared you’ll wake the kids? No problem! With two separate rooms, this tent sleeps four comfortably, so you and your partner can sneak in and out of your “room” without disturbing the little ones. Sounds kind of perfect, right? Bonus: The mini hallway connecting the two rooms is floorless, meaning you can use the extra space to dry your wet clothes or as a sheltered dining area. Need more space? You can use the optional ground sheet and convert the hall into an additional bedroom that sleeps up to four campers. With unparalleled quality for a tent of its size, this baby will keep you sheltered for many, many summers to come.


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