Clif Kid Zbar Filled

Bottom line Clif Kid Zbar Filled snack bars are certified organic, contain no artificial flavours—and kids are big fans. Nutritionally, they contain healthy amounts of protein and fats, without too much sugar, so you can feel good about offering them to your kids.


  • Individually wrapped chewy bars with a creamy nut butter filling in centre
  • Certified organic
  • Does not contain any GMO ingredients, high-fructose corn syrup or artificial flavours


Finding healthier snack bars that kids actually want to eat can be a bit of a challenge, but Clif Kid Zbar Filled are a good bet. These certified organic, non-GMO energy snack bars are made without high-fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients. With three flavours to choose from—Double Peanut Butter, Chocolate Filled with Peanut Butter and Apple Filled with Almond Butter—you won’t have a problem finding one your kids will want more of. In fact, the kids who tried them at home were big fans, and their parents appreciated the ingredients and nutrition that these bars offer.

Our Today’s Parent Approved lab testing started with a nutritional analysis. We sent the ingredients lists and nutrition details of more than two dozen bars to registered dietician Cara Rosenbloom, who conducted a blind nutritional analysis (no brands or labels) to get her honest feedback on the nutritional quality of each bar. To make sure we were comparing apples to apples, we focused on a 30-gram serving size. Rosenbloom’s analysis revealed that these bars have a healthy amount of calories and fat per serving, and also excelled in terms of containing real-food ingredients (i.e., foods found in an average home kitchen). Many of our parent testers were also happy with the amount sugar per serving (7 or 8 grams, depending on the flavour).

Our kids liked the taste of these bars, and finished them easily during a snack. They are high-energy boys, so I like the amount of protein and carbs in these bars.” —Brooke, mom of two

Parents found that Clif Kid Zbar Filled are very easy for kids to eat and they felt the serving size was just right for a kid-friendly snack. Kids unanimously liked the tastes and chewy texture of all three flavours, and parents said their kids wanted to eat these bars again. In fact, one parent told us her kid “chowed it down and ate every last crumb.”

Convenience is a big factor in buying snack bars. Given the nut-free-lunch policy at most schools, you won’t be able to toss one in your kid’s lunch bag, but they otherwise make for an easy on-the-go snack. Our editors found the wrapping and bar holds up well when tossed in a backpack for a day—though if temperatures are on the high side, the drizzle is likely to melt onto the inside of the wrapper. One parent also mentioned that this bar can be easily squished in the bottom of a bag because it has a soft texture. On the plus side, it doesn’t crumble like some bars do. While it’s pretty easy for older kids to tear into these bars themselves, if you have a kindergartener or preschooler, they’ll likely need some help getting the wrapper opened.

My family thoroughly enjoyed these snack bars. They were full of flavour and full of peanut butter! We loved that they were soft and chewy—some snack bars can be very hard and more difficult for little ones to eat. My two-year-old loved these and ate the whole bar.” —Erin, mom of two


Clif Kid Zbar Filled impressed parents and editors alike with their nutritional value, and our kid testers are big fans of the taste of each flavour. The majority of our parent testers gave these bars good or very good ratings for ease of use, and most felt they offered above-average quality and value for families. While Clif Kid Zbar Filled bars are on the higher end of the snack bar price range, the majority of parent testers told us they’re worth it given how much their kids loved these bars. Not only would the majority of parents purchase the bars for their kids, they’d also gladly recommend them to other families—a solid endorsement.


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