Como Tomo Baby Bottle

The Como Tomo Baby Bottle is by far the swankiest-looking baby bottle we tested. Its modern design makes it a popular choice among trendsetting Instagram moms. Como Tomo’s claim to fame is that the bottle is made out of high-quality silicone, so it’s soft, squishy and a pleasure to hold for both parents and babies. Some parents like that they can gently squeeze the bottle to push out a bit of extra milk or formula, simulating a breastfeeding mother’s let-down.

Altogether, the bottle is made up of only four parts, which makes it a low-fuss option.

Ease of use

The Como Tomo Baby Bottle’s wide mouth makes it super easy to prepare a bottle without spills. The volume markers are molded right into the silicone, so there’s no chance they’ll fade with time, but they can be a bit tricky to read, especially in a dark room. The squishiness of the bottle can make it a bit tippy, so you’ll want to use extra care when getting baby’s bottle ready. On the plus side, the raised tab on the collar gives good leverage so you can tighten the bottle securely.

The nipple is the widest one we tested, and it’s meant to feel more like mom’s breast. Como Tomo fans say this helps baby switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding without any hiccups (well, maybe a few of those adorable, tiny-baby hiccups). The nipples come in four stages, so there are lots of options to satisfy your baby’s flow-rate preferences. The venting system, which helps avoid gassiness and spit-up, consists of two holes on either side of the nipple. Our testers didn’t have any trouble with the nipple inverting. One of our testers did report some leaking while feeding, but she said the milk that dribbled out was roughly the same as what she experienced with breastfeeding.

We couldn’t fit the Como Tomo in the standard bottle warmer we used in our tests, so make sure your bottle warmer can accommodate its width, or plan to heat bottles in the microwave (take the lid off first!) or in a shallow pot of hot water . Because the bottle is made of silicone, warming can take an extra minute or two, which is generally not a deal-breaker but can feel like forever if your baby is especially hungry or impatient.

Cleaning these bottles couldn’t be easier thanks to the wide mouth—toss those bottle brushes, because you can get your whole hand and a dishcloth in there! We love that the bottle is made of BPA-free medical-grade silicone, but we found it stained easily and absorbed food smells. If you’re a let-the-bottle-soak-overnight kinda parent, you might end up with discoloured, smelly bottles. Como Tomo recommends boiling with a tablespoon of baking soda to freshen things up.

The Como Tomo works well on the go. The travel lid stayed on almost every time we dropped the Como Tomo bottle, and it gets bonus points for a nearly silent drop when it hit the floor bottom-first. Not a drop of prepared formula was lost in our diaper bag test.

Final word

The Como Tomo is well-made with high-quality materials, and is the most expensive bottle we tested. But many parents feel it’s worth every penny, especially if it’s the only bottle their breastfeeding babe will accept. Our parent testers felt it offered good quality and easy of use, but average value. So you might want to start by trying one with baby before splashing out on every size and colour.


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