Cool haircuts for boys in 2019

Snag a little inspiration for your son’s next barber sesh with these trendy boys’ haircuts and hairstyles for toddlers to teens.

By Andrea Karr July 16, 2019

Forget the mullets, rat tails and bowl cuts of yesteryear. Little boys’ haircuts are so much cooler in 2019. The trendiest hairstyles mirror grown men’s cuts of all shapes and lengths and include interesting design elements to match any personality. In this round-up of 10 looks, you’re sure to find something to suit your son’s hair type and ’tude.

Boys’ short haircuts

With fades, comb-overs, colour combos and sculptural elements, short hairstyles for boys have never been more varied. If you like a neat, well-groomed look, a short haircut is the way to go.


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