Cool hairstyles for girls in 2019

Help your toddler, grade-school girl or teen queen shine with a fresh new hairstyle that suits her hair type and personality.

By Andrea Karr July 15, 2019

Few things feel better than a freshly trimmed mane. And a bad haircut? The. Worst. Your daughter likely feels the same way and she deserves to have a haircut that makes her feel good from the outside in. We’ve found a mix of girls’ short haircuts, cute medium hairstyles and cuts for girls with long hair that we think she’ll love. Then we divvied them up into age groupings so you can help her find a style that suits her needs. But don’t feel too limited by the age categories—all of these hairstyles can be adapted for any age, whether two or 16.

Girls’ short haircuts

These short haircuts for girls are the perfect inspiration for the toddler-through-teen on the go. Low maintenance and a little bit edgy, they work for any young lady who stays active or needs a hairstyle that requires minimal washing and drying.


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