[email protected] Ovulation Test Sticks

Bottom line [email protected] Ovulation Test Sticks are simple and easy to use, offering quick results at a budget-friendly price point that’s hard to beat.


  • Thumb grip
  • Reversible cap
  • Easy-to-read results
  • Compatible with PreMom ovulation app


Figuring out your peak fertility when trying to get pregnant is often trickier than you might think. Apps and ovulation tools can offer predictions, but not everyone ovulates on schedule (and some months you may not ovulate at all), so home testing kits like [email protected] Ovulation Test Sticks that track your luteinizing hormone (LH) levels take the guesswork out of pinpointing your most fertile days. Since LH surge days vary from woman to woman, you may need to test multiple times throughout your cycle—and that can add up to a lot of ovulation test sticks. [email protected] Ovulation Test Sticks were a hit with our parent testers and editors, who found these non-digital tests to be effective, easy to use and very budget-friendly.

Our parent testers and editors found the instructions for the [email protected] Ovulation Test Sticks clear and concise, with relevant information in bold alongside graphics that effectively show what positive and negative results look like. However, editors noted that some important details are only found in the Q&A, including the recommendations to not urinate four hours before testing and to limit fluid intake two hours before testing— info that should be included in the step-by-step instructions since it’s important for achieving accurate results. While you can test at any time of day, it needs to be around the same time day-to-day. Despite the specific timing requirements, our parent tester had no issues fitting her ovulation testing in her daily life.

I have never seen an ovulation kit with so many sticks in it before. As they are quite expensive, it was nice to see you can get a bulk pack for a reasonable price.” —Christine, mom of one.

Predicting your surge can often take multiple tests, so a simple test is helpful. The [email protected] Ovulation Test Sticks are slender but get wider where you hold it, though our editors noted the stick is slightly short, which could make getting it into the right position to hit the stream of urine a bit tricky at first. The plastic-coated absorbency tip also made finding the correct angle a little more challenging than with other ovulation test sticks because urine needs to enter through its small openings. Overall, however, it’s still quite simple to take this test.

When differentiating between a positive and negative result—two vertical lines means your LH is surging, one line means it’s not—our editors found the results straightforward to interpret. During a surge, the sticks showed consistent results (when testing two at the same time) with only slight differences in the control line. Results can be read between three and five minutes after peeing on the stick, but should be disregarded any time after that.

Unlike a pregnancy test, ovulation predicting can take many tries and cycles—so finding a brand that offers a bulk size at an affordable price is a huge benefit. Our parent testers thought [email protected] Ovulation Test Sticks were simpler and more accurate than other ovulation kits used in the past, with well-defined results.


Our parent testers felt confident that the [email protected] Ovulation Test Sticks provided clear, reliable results, and they would most definitely purchase this product when trying to conceive. Our editors, too, were impressed with this ovulation kit’s ease of use and super-fast results. If you’re looking for an ovulation kit you can use over multiple cycles, [email protected] is a reliable choice at a price that’s pretty hard to beat.


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