How to make a donut-shaped cake

A cake pretending to be a donut? That’s two desserts in one!

1. To make a doughnut-shaped cake, place an oven-safe drinking glass wrapped in foil in the centre of an 8- or 9-in. round pan.

2. Slowly pour in the batter and bake according to the recipe.

3. Once cooled, place on a stand.

4. Stir 1 cup icing sugar with 3 or 4 tsp of milk to make a thick glaze—it shouldn’t be runny.

5. Add gel food colouring if desired.

6. Spread icing sparingly over the top of cake.

7. Use the back of a spoon to push some glaze to the edge.

8. Top with licorice candy “sprinkles.”

A version of this article appeared in our April 2016 issue with the headline “Piece of cake”, p. 51.


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