MAM Night Pacifier

The MAM Night pacifier features a chunky glow-in-the-dark button on the shield, and our testers really liked this feature. But there’s a lot more to this pacifier. The symmetrical shape of the MAM Night means it won’t matter if your baby puts it in his mouth upside down. We also like the feel of its unique silicone nipple, which has an anti-slip texture but is still smooth and soft to the touch. Our hands-on parent testers appreciated that the pacifier is orthodontic—designed with their child’s teeth and jaw development in mind—and they like that it’s designed with ventilation holes in the shield to help prevent skin irritation.

Our parent testers strongly agreed the MAM Night’s construction is strong and that it holds its shape well. They also said it’s light enough for their babies to use comfortably. One parent noted that the nipple is a bit larger than other pacifiers her daughter has tried and so she seemed to struggle with it a bit at first; but her baby figured it out after a few tries. Overall, the babies who tested the MAM Night pacifier for us were evenly split between liking it and not really being into it, but that’s what we’d expect with any pacifier. You’ll probably need to try a few different options with your baby before you find the one.

Instead of a handle or ring, MAM pacifiers have a generously sized button for little fingers to grasp. Our parent testers said their babies found it a bit tricky to manipulate the MAM Night because they were used to a pacifier with a handle. It’s also worth noting that you won’t be able to use a traditional pacifier clip with MAM soothers, but the company makes clips designed to fit around the button (these also work with other brands that do have a handle).

Things you shouldn’t do with a pacifier:
1. Never attach it to anything that is long enough to loop around your baby’s neck.
2. Don’t let it hang out in direct sunlight.
3. Don’t dip the pacifier in medication or juice.

Our parent testers had no problem keeping the MAM Night pacifier clean, whether they washed it by hand or in the dishwasher. In our lab tests, we let the pacifiers sit overnight in a sink filled with soapy water and a bit of spaghetti sauce. The MAM Night had a bit of discolouration and a food smell after washing by hand, as well as some moisture trapped inside the nipple, but we were able to squeeze out the moisture and eliminate the smell completely after boiling it for five-minutes.

A unique and very useful feature of this pacifier is its carrying case that doubles as a microwave sterilizer. After cleaning and rinsing the case and the pacifier by hand, you fill the case with water to the clearly marked fill line, add one or two pacifiers, close the case, microwave for three minutes, cool for five, and you’re good to go.

Final word

Overall, our hands-on parent testers felt the MAM Night pacifier offers good quality and ease of use, and they particularly enjoyed the glow-in-the-dark button and cute designs. Combined with the innovative case that doubles as a sterilizer, the solid construction and a mid-range price point, we feel that this pacifier offers good value for money.


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