Olivia Munn shared a side of breastfeeding we don’t often see and we’re so here for it

The actor was candid about her struggles with low milk supply, revealing what finally worked and reassuring moms that babies eat in all different ways.

By Sara Romano February 11, 2022

Olivia Munn lays on a bed next to her baby boy. She looks at him fondly and holds his hand while he smiles wide at her

Photo: @oliviamunn via Instagram

Whether you’re a new mom or you feel like you could write your own parenting book, each baby is its own puzzle to figure out, especially when it comes to feeding. If you plan on breastfeeding, you never know how it will go with each kid—it’s always a new adventure, often with fresh frustrations. Maybe your little one won’t latch or your milk supply isn’t where you want it to be . Despite how normal these experiences are, it’s easy to feel down when you’re having trouble feeding your baby, and new mom Olivia Munn made no secret of her recent struggles.

The Newsroom star, who welcomed baby Malcolm with comedian John Mulaney in December, opened up about how she dealt with low milk supply in a recent Instagram post.

Munn said she tried two lactation consultants, three different breast pumps, litres of coconut water and more to try to stimulate milk production. “None of it worked,” she wrote in the post. “I cried and cried, I felt like my body was failing.”

She eventually turned to a supplemental nursing system (SNS), a device that can be filled with either breastmilk or formula to provide your baby with extra nutrients while you breastfeed.


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