Pregnant Beyonce hugging a “Blue Ivy” tree in Croatia: Video

It’s Beyonce and Jay-Z’s fourth wedding anniversary and they’re sharing intimate photos and video!

Haley Overland April 5, 2012

So apparently it’s Beyonce, 30, and Jay-Z’s fourth wedding anniversary. We know this because in honour of the big occasion, Beyonce and Jay-Z, 42, posted intimate photos of their looooove on her Tumblr site yesterday, and one very interesting video of the pregnant Beyonce in a white, ruffled bikini, hugging a “Blue Ivy” tree….. Very, very interesting….

Caressing the tree, she tells Jay-Z (the camera man), “We woke up this morning, took a nice little walk, passed by this beautiful blue tree. I think it’s Blue Ivy, which would be quite appropriate!”

It’s kind of curious that the skinny Beyonce is coming out with all this now. I guess if baby Blue has a space of her own, it does make sense that Beyonce, as she put it on the site, should “finally have [her] own place on the web.”


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