Shadows in the Forest Game

Bottom line This multi-player game is played in the dark, challenging everyone’s ability to sneak around in an effort to catch shadowlings or stay hidden in the forest.


  • Unique board set-up every time you play
  • Mini lantern casts light and shadows on the board
  • Suitable for 2 to 7 players


Put on your thinking hats for Shadows in the Forest, a multiplayer problem-solving board game that’s played in the dark. One player, the seeker, moves a battery-powered mini lantern around the board in hopes of revealing the shadowlings (the other players) before they congregate together. It’s essentially a board game version of hide-and-go-seek, with a few special tweaks that lets kids have fun being sneaky and secretive. Getting started is quick and easy thanks to pop-out cardboard pieces that slide together easily—but because setup is quick, you’ll want to give the glow-in-the-dark dice enough time to charge under a light by getting them out in advance. One of the great things about this game is if you have fewer players, you can still keep things interesting by playing with as many shadowlings as you like; players work together and can move any shadowling during their turn.

A fun game with a unique twist! Enjoy endless game play with a customizable board each time you play.” —Philip, dad of three


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