Sudocrem Diaper Rash Cream

Most parents would agree that there is nothing worse than seeing their baby unhappy—and diaper rash is often the culprit, making little ones irritable and uncomfortable. It’s important to have a reliable, effective cream on hand to quickly soothe and protect a red, aching bum, and Sudocrem Diaper Rash Cream is an excellent option.

Sudocrem is thick, creamy and spreads easily, without pulling on baby’s sensitive skin. In addition to doing lab testing, we enlisted some parents to try out the product. All of our testers agreed Sudocrem Diaper Rash Cream creates a visible barrier that provides speedy relief from redness and other skin irritations. While the cream has no added fragrance, some of our testers weren’t wild about the smell. However, all were happy with how quickly this cream improved their child’s diaper rash.

It works! It does exactly what every mom and dad wants—it makes their baby more comfortable. It’s a huge relief that after one application of Sudocrem, my kid’s bum rashes always seem significantly better, if not completely gone.” —Diana, mom of one

This cream’s packaging is sturdy and relatively easy to open and close. The tub shape requires the cream to be scooped out, and our editors noted that it can get stuck under your fingernails. And because it’s in a tub, it’s easier to contaminate the container with bacteria if you’re not careful. That being said, our testers had some great hacks to get around these issues and used cotton pads or Q-tips to keep things tidy. Overall, this product may not be the most convenient for on-the-go diaper changes.

Price is always an important factor, and our testers and editors agreed Sudocrem Diaper Rash Cream provides great value for the money. All of our testers commented that a little bit of this cream goes a long way, and they were impressed with how long a single container lasted.


Sudocrem Diaper Rash Cream works: It is smooth and easy to apply, and provides quick and effective relief from the redness and irritation of diaper rash. All of our testers said they would recommend it to other parents, and every one felt it deserves the Today’s Parent Approved seal, as it is easy to use, is effective and provides great value for money. This diaper rash cream is an excellent option if you’re looking for a product that soothes your baby’s skin, creates a protective barrier and quickly improves diaper rash.


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