The best baby laundry detergents

Between diaper related mishaps and dinner disasters, laundry is a challenge on a good day. Plus, when it comes to washing clothes for your little one, you need your detergent to be as gentle on their sensitive skin as it is tough on stains. So to find the best baby laundry detergents on the market today, we put a bunch of products to the test, assessing the quality, ease of use and value of each one. In our Today’s Parent Approved lab, we stained dozens of 100-percent organic cotton jersey swatches with common stain-makers like formula and frozen blueberries, then hit up a laundromat to see how well each detergent would performed in a cold water wash. Plus, we asked families to use the detergents at home and give us their feedback on everything from how well it performed to the fragrance of the detergent. Here are the baby laundry detergents that made the cut to get the Today’s Parent Approved seal.


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