The healthiest yogurts that kids will actually eat

Finding a snack that you feel good offering to your kids and they actually like can be a real challenge. With protein and calcium, single-serving yogurt cups can be a good source of fuel at school or on the go—but added sugars, fillers, preservatives and other ingredients can really impact how nutritious they really are. (Of course, plain Greek yogurt is the best bet nutrition-wise, but the reality is, most kids aren’t fans of the tangy flavour.) With variations in serving size, sugar, protein, active probiotic cultures (great for gut health) and other nutrients and ingredients, yogurts are definitely not all created equal. So to save you from spending way too much time in the yogurt aisle, scanning label after label and wondering which one of the dozens of options is best for your kid’s tastes and health and your budget, we’ve narrowed down the options to a digestible list of 10 yogurts that offer nutritional benefits, while still being kid-friendly.

How did we come up with this list of yummy healthier yogurts? With nutrition being our guiding force, we enlisted registered dietician Cara Rosenbloom to do a blind nutritional analysis of the yogurts (meaning the nutrition info only; no brands or labels), focusing on protein, sugar, probiotics and quality of ingredients. Meanwhile, in our Today’s Parent Approved lab, we taste-tested each yogurt, and assessed the portability, how easily the top opened and the potential for messy spills, among other things. We even factored in whether the container was recyclable (surprisingly, many aren’t). And, of course, we asked families to try the yogurt at home and give us their feedback on everything from what kids thought of the taste to how easily it packed up for school lunches or an on-the-go snack. We also compared price per serving to the quality (nutrition) and ease of use of each yogurt to evaluate the overall value for your money. Here are the yogurt cups that stood out from the pack, earning the Today’s Parent Approved seal.


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