This mom is pregnant with TWO sets of identical twins

Yes, it’s a thing. And the condition is so rare that the ultrasound technician had to leave the room to Google it!

By Ruba Hassan June 30, 2022

Ashley with four ultrasound photos sitting on four sets of baby clothes

Ashley Ness was going to get a refill on her birth control prescription when she heard two words she never expected: you’re pregnant. The hair stylist, who is already mom to 8-year-old Chanel and stepmom to Isaiah, 10, and Zayden, 7, was initially calm and decided to go with the flow. But two weeks later, when she went in for an ultrasound, there was just no way she could keep her composure. You’re gonna need to sit down for this one.

Of the ultrasound, Ashley recalled things taking a turn when the technician had to step out of the room for a moment, which is never a reassuring feeling. “I’m now in the room by myself panicking, like, ‘What’s going on? What did she see?’” Ashley told People. After what felt like an hour of waiting, the technician finally came back with what we can only assume was a less-than-comforting question. “She was like, ‘Did you tell anybody you were having twins?’ And I was like, ‘Why?’ She said, ‘Can you just hold off on telling people?’” At this point, nobody could blame Ashley for the terrifying thoughts that were probably running through her head.

The news that she would be having twins wasn’t actually a shocker for Ashley—twins run deep in both her family and Val’s. Ashley’s grandfather was a twin and her mom has twin brothers. She also has twin cousins. As for Val, his mom was a twin and his sister gave birth to twins. But that still didn’t prepare her for the ultrasound technician’s shocking revelation: “’Honey, there’s actually four babies in here.”


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