Why is my newborn so hairy?

Some babies are born covered in hair, but that doesn’t mean they’ll grow up hairy. Dr. Dina Kulik explains newborn body hair, which is called lanugo.

By Dr. Dina Kulik January 19, 2018

My baby was born with tons of hair (even on his back)! Why is this and will it go away?

Some babies are born with a soft, fine hair on their shoulders and back, called lanugo. This is thought to keep your baby warm before he has enough fat to do the job and is not indicative of how hairy your baby will be as he gets older. Lanugo develops in all babies in utero around 16 weeks, and most of them shed it by month seven or eight of pregnancy. Some babies are born with it, though, especially those who are born premature. There’s no need to worry about this extra layer of hair—it will be shed over the first few weeks of life.


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